Grants for the Translation of World Classics


This project provides support to properly bring outstanding overseas literature to Korea, to promote the development of Korean literary translation and widen the field of exchange between global literature and Korean literature by introducing Koreans to worthy overseas classics and works of modern literature.
The foundation composed a new steering committee to reorganize the list of priority translation subjects by language. The list sufficiently reflected not only literary merit, but also the demands of readers and trends in the global literary market. A screening process selected nine works from seven languages, including South African novelist Nadine Gordimer's 1979 novel “Burger's Daughter,” translated by Lee Yun-jae. Selected works were given, in addition to a certificate of support, between KRW 5 and 9 million in translation subsidies. Completed translations will be published as part of the “Daesan World Literature Series” by Moonji Publishing and released to the public. In 2014, a total of seven volumes (six works) of supported works were published as part of the Daesan World Literature Series, bringing the total of translated works so far to 128 volumes (106 works), including a re-translation of Mo Yan's “Red Sorghum.”