Grants for the Translation of World Classics


The Grants for Translation of the World Classics was established to introduce outstanding foreign literature, both classics and modern, to Korean readers. The goal of the grant is to improve the quality of literary works translated into Korean and to expand the exchanges between Korean and the world literature.
The Foundation has reorganized the selection committee members and compiled a completely new list of works according to different languages. The selected works must exhibit intrinsic literary value and meet the demands of the times to satisfy readers’ sensibilities, reflecting the current literary trends. After the screening process, Ka Juyon’s translation of Margaret Drabble’s Radiant Way and six other works from eight different countries were selected. Grant winners were awarded between 6 and 9 million KRW along with a certificate. The completed translations will be published by Moonji Publishing Company under the name of the Daesan World Literature Series and will be available for the general public. In 2012, a total of five works in six different languages were published under the Daesan World Literature Series, reaching a total of 94 books in 115 different languages.