Grants for the Translation of World Classics


Winning Works
Winning Works
Language Name Work / Author
English Han Ji-hee Adrienne Rich's Poetry, The fact of a doorframe (Adrienne Rich)
Cho Kyu-hyung Maps(Nuruddin Farah)
French Kwon Eun-mi Les faux-monnayeurs (Andre Gidé)
German Moon Hang-sim Wie es leuchtet (Thomas Brussig)
Noh Seon-jeong Neue leben (Ingo Schulze)
Chinese Moon Seong-jae 京本通俗小說
Japanese Lee Song-hee 火の山-山猿記 (津島佑子)
Russian Ahn Ji-young CaмoeГлaвнoe (N.Eвpeинoв)
Lee hyeong-sook Eгипeтckaямapka (Ocип Эмилиeвич MaнДeлъштaм)
Italian Kim Eun-jeong Trionfo della morte (Gabriele D'Annunzio)
These grants were established to encourage a better reception of outstanding works of foreign literature by introducing high-quality classics and modern works from other countries, thereby improving the quality of literary works translated into Korean and expanding the exchange between Korean literature and world literature.
Each year some 12 works are selected and translation grants of 4~7 million Won offered. Completed translations are published in the "Daesan World Literature Series."

In 2006, a total of 67 applications were received; these underwent an initial and a final screening according to language and grants were finally given for translations of 2 works in English, 1 French, 2 German, 1 Chinese, 1 Japanese, 2 Russian, 1 Italian. A presentation ceremony was held on December 20 in the Foundation's offices. In order to encourage the translation of worthwhile works and to lessen the difficulties facing would-be translators, the Foundation is preparing a list of works suggested for translation.