Grants for the Translation of World Classics


Winning Works
Winning Works
Language Name Work / Author
English CHUNG Sang-Jun The Souls of Black Folk(W.E.B. Du Bois)
KIM Sung-Hee The Prelude (William Wordsworth)
Ji Su-Won No Longer at Ease(Chinua Achebe)
French SONG Jae-Young Phédre / Andromaque / Iphigénie(Racine)
KWON Su-Kyung Enfant(Natalie Sarraut)
German KIM Yon-Sin Der Mauerspringer(Eduards Heimkehr)
TAK Sun-Mi
NAM Duk-Hyun
HONG Seung-Yong
Die Asthetik des Widerstands(Peter Weiss)
Spanish CHUNG Dong-Sub CaoeaӬoe (N.Epeڬo)
Lee hyeong-sook Poema de Mio Cid
Chinese PARK Myung-Ae ʫ(ذ)
Japanese KIM Eung-Kyo Ҵ͵Լ(ߣ)
Russian CHUNG Mak-Rae
Yugoslavian KIM Sang-Heon Bila Jedmom Jedna Zemlja(Dusan Kovacevic)
Awards were given to three English works including William Wordworth's The Prelude, and one each from French, German and Chinese The award ceremony was held at the Daesan Foundation on December 9th.
Six works were added to the "Daesan World Classics," series, including Michel Butor's La Modification.
"Daesan World Classics" is published by Moonhak-kwa-Jisung-sa as part of an on-going series based on translations that receive these grants.