Grants for the Translation of World Classics


Winning Works
Winning Works
Language Name Work / Author
English KIM Tae-Chul Middlemarch (George Eliot)
BAE Mi-Young Down Second Avenue (Ezekiel Mphahlele)
Spanish Jo Gu-Ho Ei astillero (Juan Carlos Onetti)
Slavic Jo Jun-Rae Enciklopedija Mrtvih (Danilo Kiš)
Grants for the Translation of World Classics was established to encourage a better reception of outstanding works of foreign literature by introducing high-quality classics and modern works from other countries. The goal of the grants is to improve the quality of literary works translated into Korean, expanding the exchange between Korean literature and world literature. Translation grants ranging from 4 to 9 million won are offered for each work. Completed translations are published in the "Daesan World Literature Series."
In 2007, 33 individuals or teams applied for the grant; after an initial and final screening process according to language, grants were given for translations of two works in English, one Spanish, and one Slavonic.
A presentation ceremony was held on December 20 in the Foundation's offices. After finishing the first round of selections for the Daesan World Literature Series, a committee was formed to evaluate the first session along with funding for the translation of world classics.
In 2007, thirteen books that received funding were published by Moonji Publishing Company.